Room hygiene

Hygiene measurments on the floor

  • frequent airing of the rooms
  • after previous cleaning all surfaces are disinfected
  • our cleaning staff is subject to a strict hygiene concept
  • all employees are obliged to wear mouth and nose protection
  • we work with professional cleaning and disinfection equipment
  • bed linen as well as towels are always treated with a disinfecting process
  • cleaning wipes are changed after each room
  • special attention is paid to door handles, light switches, water taps, etc.
  • a bottle of disinfecting gel is available in the bathroom
  • after each cleaning the bathroom is sealed
  • the minibar is not filled at the moment, you can get drinks at the reception desk
  • during your stay the rooms will be cleaned only on request
  • the remote control is packed for you in a disposable plastic bag